Friday – Saturday, April 20-21, 2018
Borobudur Hotel – Jakarta, Indonesia



Time Agenda
Indonesian Digestive Disease Week (IDDW) 2018
Friday, April 20, 2018
Borobudur Hotel – Jakarta, Indonesia
07.00-08.00 Registration
08.00-08.15 Opening Ceremony by:

  • President of Indonesian Society of Gastroenterology (ISG) / Indonesian Digestive Disease Week (IDDW) 2018
  • Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia
08.15-08.40 Plenary Lecture 1
Role of Endoscopy in the Management of GI Diseases: Past, Present, and the Future
08.40-09.50 Symposium 1
IBS: Recent Diagnosis and Management

  1. Epidemiology, Etiology, and Clinical Spectrum of IBS
  2. Diagnostic Tools of IBS: ROME IV or Biomarkers?
  3. Role of Low-FODMAP, Probiotics, and Pharmacological Modalities in the Management of IBS
  4. Discussion
Symposium 2
Update in the Management of Non-Variceal Upper GI Bleeding

  1. The Role of Scoring System in the Management of Upper GI Bleeding
  2. Pharmacological Treatment of Non-Variceal Upper GI Bleeding: Role of IV PPI
  3. Endoscopic Treatment Option in the Management of Non-Variceal Upper GI bleeding: Adrenalin Injection, Thermocoagulation, Clips, and Hemospray
  4. Discussion
09.50-10.05 Coffee Break 1 & Visit Exhibition
10.05-10.30 Plenary Lecture 2
Complex Issues of IBD: Clinical Burden and Management Modalities
10.30-11.40 Symposium 3
Antibiotic Related Diarrhea: How to Diagnose and What are the Treatment Options?

  1. Clostridium difficile Infection: Approach to the Diagnosis
  2. Treatment Option of Antibiotic-Related Diarrhea: Clostridium difficile and Probiotics
  3. Fecal Microbiota Transplantation in the Treatment of Recurrent Clostridium difficile Infection
  4. Discussion
Symposium 4
Acute Pancreatitis: From Pathophysiology to Treatment Options

  1. Initial Imaging Appearance Among Patients with Acute Pancreatitis.
  2. Post ERCP Pancreatitis: Could it be Prevented?
  3. Comprehensive Management of Acute Pancreatitis: Role of Nutrition and Pharmacological Modalities, and When to Call the Surgeon
  4. Discussion
11.40-13.00 Friday Praying, Lunch, and Visit Exhibition
13.00-14.10 Satellite Symposium 1
The Latest Development in the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer

  1. Role of Chemotherapy in Colorectal Cancer Treatment: Non-mCRC and mCRC
  2. Endoscopic Modalities in the Management of Colorectal Cancer: Curative and Palliative treatment
  3. Surgical Approach in the Management of Colorectal Cancer
  4. Discussion
14.10-15.20 Symposium 5
Hemorrhoidal Disease: How to Manage Properly?

  1. Etiopathogenesis of Hemorrhoidal Disease
  2. Medical Management of Hemorrhoid: Role of Micronized Purified Flavonoid
  3. Surgical and Other Treatment Modalities in the Management of Hemorrhoidal Diseased.
  4. Discussion
Symposium 6
Recent Management of NSAID Gastro-enteropathy: Where are We Now?

  1. Clinical Burden, Pathogenesis, and Diagnosis of NSAID Gastro-Enteropathy
  2. Prevention and Treatment of NSAID Gastropathy: What Does the Guideline Say?
  3. Management of NSAID Enteropathy: Does PPI Play a Role?
  4. Discussion
15.20-15.35 Coffee Break 1 & Visit Exhibition
15.35-16.45 Satellite Symposium 2
Third Space Endoscopy in the Management of GI Diseases

  1. EMR versus ESD
  2. POEM
  3. Endoscopic Full Thickness Resection
  4. Discussion
16.45-17.45 Snack with the Expert 1
Obstructive Jaundice in Daily Practice
Snack with the Expert 2
How to Manage Obscure GI Bleeding?
19.00-21.00 Dinner Symposium
Endoscopic Management of Complicated Cases

  1. Management of Acute Severe Pancreatitis: Role of Endoscopic Therapy
  2. Role of EUS in the Management of Pancreatobiliary Disease.
  3. Therapeutic Endoscopy in Patients with Antithrombotic Therapy: How to Deal?
  4. Palliative Treatment in the Patient with Pancreatobiliary Malignancy: Role of SEMS


Time Agenda
Indonesian Digestive Disease Week 2018
Saturday, April 21, 2018
07.30-08.30 Meet The Experts 1
Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Meet The Experts 2
Gastritis and H. Pylori Infection
08.30-09.00 Plenary Lecture 3
Update on GI Motility Disorder – Diagnosis and Treatment
Plenary Lecture 4
Asia-Pacific Consensus in the Management of IBD
09.00-10.10 Symposium 7
Latest Issues in the Management of IBD

  1. Diagnostic Approach in IBD: From Clinical Symptoms, Imaging, and Endoscopic Appearance
  2. Non Pharmacological Management of IBD: Diet, FMT, and Others
  3. Pharmacological update in the Management of IBD: Role of Anti TNF
  4. Discussion
Symposium 8
Role of Quality in Colonoscopy as a Part of CRC Prevention

  1. Current Guidelines in Bowel Preparations: The Role of PEG
  2. Bowel Preparation in Specific Conditions
  3. ADR, Cecal Intubation, and Withdrawal Techniques as Quality Indicators of Colonoscopy
  4. Discussion
10.10-10.25 Coffee Break 1 & Visit Exhibition
10.25-11.35 Symposium 9
Recent Advance in the Management of Acid Related Disease

  1. Pathogenesis of Peptic Ulcer Disease
  2. Rationale PPI Therapy in the Management of Non Variceal Upper GI Bleeding.
  3. Novel Treatment with PPI Inhibitor / PPI Down Regulator of DLBS2411
  4. Discussion
Symposium 10

Nutrition in GI Diseases 

  1. Nutrition in Acute Pancreatitis
  2. Nutrition in IBD 
  3. Nutrition in GI Bleeding
  4. Discussion
11.35-12.45 Satellite Symposium 3
GERD: Diagnosis, Treatment Modalities, and Long-Term Complication

  1. The Accuracy of GERDQ in the Diagnosis of GERD
  2. Diagnostic Modalities of GERD
  3. Long Term Management of PPI and Prevention of GERD Complication
  4. Discussion
12.45-13.45 Lunch
13.45-14.45 Symposium 11
Hot Topics in the Management of Acid Related Disease (ARD)

  1. Refractory GERD: How to Manage?
  2. Recent Management of NSAID Gastropathy
  3. How to Choose PPI in Patients with Multi Drug Therapy: Focused on the use of Clopidogrel
  4. Discussion
Symposium 12
GI Motility Disorder 

  1. Clinical Manifestation of GI Motility Disorders
  2. GI Motility Problems in the Elderly 
  3. Comprehensive Management of Chronic Constipation
  4. Discussion
14.45-16.05 Symposium 13
Recent Management of Diverticular Disease

  1. Diagnosis and Conservative Management in Acute Diverticulitis
  2. Role of Dietary Fiber in the Management of Diverticular Disease
  3. Surgical Intervention in the Management of Diverticular Disease
  4. Discussion
Symposium 14
Diet, Obesity, and GI Problems

  1. Medical Management: Pre- and Post- Bariatric Treatments
  2. Endoscopic Therapy in Obesity: Primary Treatment or as a Bridging Therapy to Surgery?
  3. Surgical Option in the Management of Obesity
  4. Discussion
16.05-16.35 Plenary Lecture 5 The Role of Therapeutic EUS: Now and the Future
16.35 Closing Remarks
Coffee Break 2 & Visit Exhibition